Coconut Almond Toffee Bars

So college life is crazy. But the best thing is getting to go home and bake my heart out. In my dorm, we have one kitchen shared among about 400 college freshman- so basically we don’t have a kitchen. It’s absolutely disgusting with all the dishes that get piled up in the sink for MONTHS.… Continue reading Coconut Almond Toffee Bars

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DIY Vinyl Record Bowls

Recently, the only book store- Barnes and Noble, left town and everyone was left book-less. Now for an avid reader like myself, this was an utter tragedy resulting in multiple drafts of angry emails to the Barnes and Noble corporation to bring it back. Alas, I was talked out of sending the drafts. *sigh* But,… Continue reading DIY Vinyl Record Bowls


Poland: Thirteen Days Spent Exploring the Southern Region

I went to Poland once before, back in second grade, but it was to the North- where my dad’s from. My family and I had been wanting to do a trip back to Poland for a while now, but it’s been an incredible pain trying to get all the details worked out. We went with… Continue reading Poland: Thirteen Days Spent Exploring the Southern Region